I am a French freelance graphic designer and above all a Manga-style illustrator since 2013 living in France, in Chartres, a town about 100 km far from the south of Paris. That's why I intentionaly let in French some of the titles of my webstie 😁😁.

I'm especially passionate about character design and comics novels for young adults, teenagers and children.
I also love to create logos and graphic charters. But my style is illustration so if you don't want your logo to be like a manga style illustration, please just go away. 
This is like creating an illustration to me. Click here to get an overview of my existing logos.

I'm able to go from the illustration of a children's book, a role-playing game or 
a video game to the creation of images and visuals for various uses.

I have recently started writing and creating my comic book for teenagers and young adults: 
"Les Chroniques de Ayoneri" (Ayonéri's chronicles).

You can follow the different steps of these creations on my social networks.

I'm also proud to be the partner of GreenCom' &Co, the eco-friendly digital and 
training agency : greencom-and-co.fr

It's this youthful passion for drawing and graphic design that has driven me from a very young age to fight with all my heart to make my dream come true
To live from my passion.

"Never give up your dreams"
This is what drives me to live life as a challenge.

I love sharing this passion, my job.
That's why I also offer drawing and graphic design trainings.

So don't hesitate to contact me even just to share our passion by phone  
or talk over a good cup of coffee or tea.

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